Saturday, November 14, 2009

First Blog Award!

The Way on the Web got it's first blog award! Here it is! It looks great! And it will stay on my blog forever! In His name.
There where also some rules to this award. I have to name 5 people who have inspired my journey with Jesus and give a brief way that they have.
1) My mom. She has always been there for me. And, oddly enough, every time I have something bad going on in my life she has gone through it too. Therefor she tells/ helps me get out of that problem. I love her so much. (Also my whole family)
2) My dad. He has been there for me too. He helps me a lot with my homework. (He also motivated me with my science project.) I love him. (Also my whole family)
3) My old church teacher. When I was young enough to be in Kid's Compass (that was what it was called) she helped me learn all about the bible. We did a lot of stuff and I got to help on the Crew and manage the songs, games, prizes, and other entertainment. A big thing that I learned where all the books in the bible. I know them by heart.
4) A lot of the Christian artist that I have on my blog. Even though I don't know them personally, a lot of there songs are uplifting, fun, and point strait to him. I especially like the songs More Beautiful You, Mirror, Clothes, We, and The Lost Get Found. I am pretty sure all of those are on the play list.
5) God. Jesus. Period.

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