Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Background

The background is backup! I don't know what was wrong with it, but it is here.
If you wouldn't mind please pray for me in my basketball and for some volleyball try-outs I will be doing.
Check out all the cool links!
New music! (There is only... 1 song that is new, but...) Still listen to it! They are great!

1 comment:

  1. Wynne, This is a great blog (and I still have to head over to see your other one!). What a lovely thing you did in giving your mom that blog award....really sweet!

    And I see you have inherited your mom's talent for creating an awesome sidebar...way to go (I love tobymac's new song "City on Our Knees"!)

    I sure think a lot of your mom...she's a great lady......

    ...and so I know you must be a great young lady because you are her daughter.