Friday, September 11, 2009


The numbers say it all. Let us pray for all of the people and their families that perished in that attack on 9/11.

*Pray for the fire fighters. They wanted to help and risked their own lives. Pray for the workers or people in the Twin Towers. They didn't even know. Pray for their families. Who are in grief to this day. Pray for the people in the plains. They knew they would die and could do almost nothing about is. And especially for the people on the plain that was heading for the White House. They are true heroes. Pray for the passing bystanders who saw everything. And pray for the people who didn't have a chance. Please pray.*

Lord hear our prayer. 9/11

Let this picture be a remembrance to you and everyone. A symbol of our nation.

And pray that some day we may have peace to all nations.


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